10 Factors That Will Help You Deal With the Price of a Home

Many prospective buyers carefully observe real estate ads, ready to bid on values ​​far below the past. But at the time of the truth, not everyone knows how to carry on a negotiation. We present you with 10 factors to convince the seller to review his claims.

Deal With the Price of a Home

1. Elevator

A home that is upstairs and has no elevator should be cheaper. Even if you are young, the inconveniences are annoying and pretty exhausting.

2. Low plans

A raised ground floor, at this time of poor trading, can be purchased at a great discount. And not everyone looks out onto a busy street.

3. The view

Particularly in large cities, there is only one air-conditioned dwelling, and perhaps they only have a view of an inner courtyard. Compared to those with a better view, this is a boundless limitation.  You can actually leverage this feature at your own will.

4. Location

In the same neighbourhood not all roads are the same, and within the same street, not all condos are the same. A greater distance from public transport or main services, difficulty finding parking, proximity to a very busy artery, are all factors to push for a discount.

5. Energy consumption

An energy consuming home is by no means a joke, and if you do well, the accounts can have a major impact on family budgets. Today, buying a property is nothing to consider without energy certification, so all owners have to present it: as there is, let it be worth it

6. Condition of the property

Restoring a whole house cost a huge amount of money per square meter: make it present

7. Services

Doorman, car park, green spaces, common areas: the presence or absence of these factors is not to be overlooked. Today the offer is higher than the demand and maybe in the building next door, for the same price, there are more services offered to the tenants.

8. Nearby

The quietness of having few neighbours is a double-cut weapon: condominium prices cost more and making a decision sometimes provokes eternal debates in a family or between couples.

9. Space distributions

At equal size, not all houses are the same. The price is a very relative factor when talking about a property space. A 5 by 5 meter apartment, with 4 doors and 2 windows, is less useful than a smaller one but with less dented walls. What about infinite and useless corridors?

10. Size

Right now the bigger the house, the more you have to deal with. Clearly, the discount margin on a studio size apartment is definitely lower, but for those who have money, buying a medium-large size property can turn out to be a real deal.

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